The Ionado Group

The Ionado Group is a cyber security and emerging technologies consultancy. We provide advanced cutting-edge security solutions and services across all areas of information business technology to ensure the highest degree of information security possible. We are experts in identifying complex potential internal and external threats and evaluating mitigation strategies and controls to detect and deter electronic threats. Through our various services we can offer assistance with crisis management, disaster recovery, digital forensics, regulatory compliance and post-event cyber security remediation, business continuity, and disaster recovery. I started this business to be able to give the consulting experience clients deserved in cybersecurity.

About Us

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The Ionado Group is a minority-owned consulting firm founded in 2014. The Ionado Group specialized exclusively in cybersecurity and emerging technology management services for clients in energy, healthcare, and government. We offer a variety of consulting services our main professional services lines are cybersecurity program management and cyber risk management. Helping our clients is our primary objective. We produce content with emphasis on quality, clarity, enforceability, and leverage of the existing technology and security infrastructures as implemented and provide a comprehensive cohesive package in accordance with the stated scope. We are the scrappy little company that can with straightforward pricing and an output-based approach to consulting.


L.C. Williams, Founder

Founder, L.C. Williams

Lemon Clyde Williams, Jr. or “L. C.” as he is often called is a career business consultant and lifelong problem solver. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

After graduation, Lemon embarked on a career in energy information technology. After many years of travel and experience implementing risk management systems and cybersecurity programs for major corporations, government agencies and public utilities far and wide and coast to coast, he was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and in 2014 founded The Ionado Group, a cyber security and emerging technologies consultancy providing advanced security solutions, services, and mitigation strategies against cyber threats facing leading industries.

L. C. is a cyber security and operational risk management professional with extensive energy industry experience establishing sustainable cybersecurity programs for state and federal agencies and public utilities. His diverse technology background in the electric utility sector includes leading enterprise cybersecurity risk management, network security architecture design, energy scheduling system uplift, financial trading system implementation, energy accounting report design, and internal systems audit.

L.C. holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from the Project Management Institute and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) from the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.


Legal, Regulations, Compliance and Investigations

Understanding and appreciation of legal systems, concepts and terms as related to global information security.

Application and Web Lifecycle Security

Understanding of secure programming concepts, common software vulnerabilities and methods to test for them.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Ability to develop and build a comprehensive BCP/DCP program through the understanding of key business processes, asset tracking, backup and recovery strategies and the use of standards.

System Access Control Security

Understanding of cornerstone access control technologies and concepts, with the overall goal of maintaining confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Information Security Architecture and Design

Ability to design, architect and evaluate secure computer systems. This includes an understanding of logical hardware, operating systems and software security components.

Network Security

Understanding of and ability to analyze internal, external, private and public network communication systems including devices, protocols and remote access.

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Headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we are proud of our “Gig City” roots. The tech forward community here in our home town ensures top talent and access to the excellent resources.

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Strategic Partners

The Ionado Group is proud to align with select firms that share our passion for delivering high quality results that enhance and extend service offerings and solutions to our clients. The companies below are trusted partners we are are pleased to work with and recommend.

InPOWERd LLC is a consulting/services firm that answers the highly dynamic, changing needs of the electric power industry with strategic consulting based on decades of demonstrable expertise. inPOWERD LLC is a Verified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) specializing in executive strategy, grid operations, risk management and regulatory compliance expertise.

Cooper Compliance

Cooper Compliance has been providing compliance administrative services to electric utility companies all over California and the US since 2012, specializing in the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and regional regulatory standards. Our compliance professionals prepare operational, maintenance, and critical infrastructure programs to ensure that clients are successful in all audits with no identified violations. We continuously monitor our client’s compliance activities and provide them with customized compliance programs, training, consulting, and mock audits.

NERC CIP Compliance

  • Customized Compliance Programs Ð full CIP program development for High, Medium, and Low Impact BES Cyber System owners.
  • Complete CIP Documentation Library Ð More than 250 CIP policy, procedure, and form templates required for compliance.
  • Low Impact Facility Program Implementation Ð Plant walk-down, network mapping, firewall rule review, Cyber Asset identification.
  • High and Medium Impact Facility CIP Program Support Ð non-intrusive review of your BCS vulnerabilities and recommendations to bolster security.
  • Cyber Security Incident Response Plan Exercise Ð Assist with exercise, documentation of evidence of compliance, and lessons learned guidance.
  • Network Design Ð or assessment of network separation and security.
  • Gap Analysis Ð Review of existing evidence of CIP compliance documentation.
  • CIP Audit Support Ð Inherent Risk Assessment prep, RSAW review and development, interactive mock audits.
  • CIP Compliance Advisories Ð Monitoring of new CIP Standard development. Consulting on regional trends and discussions about pending changes to requirements.